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Wood Easter Triduum Eucharistic Crucifix Scenes from the Life of Christ

Very Limited!

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This beautiful pictorial crucifix from Italy is called a "Eucharistic Crucifix"

It is the Deluxe, larger version with gold recessed border. This Cross is wood, gilded, depicting scenes from the Life of Jesus and the Apostles before His death and after His resurrection around the monogram for the name of Jesus, IHS.

The monogram IHS has been extremely wide-spread since the end of the Middle Ages, this being due especially to the sermons of Bernardin of Sienna, who used to display at the close of the addresses which he delivered in various cities a tablet containing these letters written in gold and surrounded by the rays of the sun. This monogram later became the special emblem of the Jesuits.

At the top, the Last Supper is shown.

The image at the left portrays Jesus in the act of washing His disciples' feet.

At the center and bottom is the Crucifixion, with Mary and John at the foot of the cross.

Between them is the image of a pelican, a bird which nourishes its young with its own blood, an ancient symbol of Our Lord sacrificing Himself to feed us, and representing our salvation.

On the right, Jesus appears to His Apostles after rising from the dead.

Crucifix is wood and measures 7 1/2" by 10". There is a hook for hanging on the back.

Boxed with cellophane window.

Note: This crucifix is in stock, but quantity is VERY LIMITED!