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St. Valentine's Day

Legend of St. Valentine

In the early persecutions there was a young priest in Rome named Valentinus, who was thrown into jail as a Christian. Although he could not be with his people, he wanted to send them a message to express his priestly concern and care for them. Not being able to get the letter out of prison, the story has it that a dove, symbol of the Holy Spirit, landed on the window of his cell and took the message in his beak to deliver it to St. Valentine's congregation. More...

So the tradition began of sending St. Valentine's greetings, often adorned with doves and hearts to symbolize love and affection, to those we love on February 14 to show them the same Christian concern as this early priest showed for his congregation.

At Catholic-Collectibles you will find a variety collectibles and gifts for Valentine's Day to be loved all year long. We are pleased to offer heart shaped pendants, rosaries with heart shaped beads, framed prints of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary and much more!

Enjoy browsing this "lovely" category, and perhaps you will find a Valentine surprise for your Valentine, a family member or friend, Whether or not you have a special "Valentine" in your life, St. Valentine's Day is for those who love and are loved, and with God in our lives, that's everyone! Happy St. Valentine's Day!