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width= Natural Colored Beeswax from the Early Days of Christianity

Pure beeswax candles have been used for light and to illuminate man's religious celebrations for more than 5,000 years, yet little is known about their origin. While we have no definitive date for the development of the first candle, we do know that candles were developed independently in many countries. Accounts of candle use date back to ancient times, with Biblical references as early as the tenth century BC.

In the early years, when Christians were persecuted, beeswax candles were used in hushed ceremonies of small gatherings at night or in the catacombs surrounding Rome. Our church fathers proclaimed pure wax extracted from virgin bees as a symbol of the pure flesh of Christ received from His Virgin Mother. They taught us that the wick signified the soul of Christ, and the flame represented His divinity which absorbs and dominates both. In a troubling time for new Christians, candles were both a light source and a symbol of one's faith.

When Christianity became widespread and Basilicas and Cathedrals were built all across Europe, the faithful embraced pure beeswax candles to enhance their majestic sanctuaries. Unlike tallow candles, beeswax produced long-burning and smoke free candles which gave off a pleasant odor and did not stain the glass, ceilings and painted works of art in the magnificent churches of the time.

Over the centuries, the church, in its infinite wisdom, set forth canon law stating that its candles must be "maxima parte" of beeswax to be in keeping with the pure flesh of Christ and to enrich the essence of the Holy Sacrifice of The Mass.

In keeping with the our blessed traditions, Will & Baumer in 1855 began blending European pure beeswax and perfected candle processes that are still used to this day. These wax formulations represent the very best in church candle making and ensure the quality that our church fathers wanted for their liturgies centuries ago.

We are proud to present our Purissima Pure Beeswax candles for those who demand the finest quality candles handcrafted in the age-old traditions of our forefathers. We invite you to share with your faithful the "True Light of Christ."

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