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The word Rosary comes from Latin and means "garland of roses". The beautiful rose is one of the flowers used to symbolize the Virgin Mary.

The Rosary, which dates back to the Ninth Century, is one of the most cherished prayers and most popular Marian devotions in the Roman Catholic Church. It refers both to the ritual of prayer, often for a special intention, as well as the string of beads used to count the prayers recited while contemplating "mysteries" of the faith and events in the life of Jesus and Mary. More...

The Rosary began as a monastic prayer with the daily chanting of the 150 Psalms in Latin. Lay people were intrigued by this form of prayer and adapted it so that a shorter prayer would be recited for each of the long psalms chanted. They began carrying stones to keep count, and later knotted cords. Tradition holds that St. Dominic in response to a vision of Our Lady and Blessed Alan de la Roche have given us the Rosary as we know it today and that Our Lady has promised special graces and protection to those who recite it with faith and devotion.

Catholic-Collectibles offers a large selection of the most beautiful Rosary beads, in gold and sterling silver, crystal, pearl, onyx, hematite, and other semi-precious materials, and even simple but elegant wooden varieties, that will inspire the practice of praying the Rosary.

The Rosary makes a wonderful gift for a man, woman, or child, for any occasion: Christmas, Easter, birthdays, Weddings and Anniversaries, even a baby's first Rosary Christening gift. The Rosary is a wonderful "thinking of you" gift to give in appreciation of friendship any day of the year. The Rosary is an enjoyable collectible, and I personally love to give Rosaries as gifts, adding to the treasured Rosary collections of my family and friends.

It can be a great comfort to hold or keep a Rosary near, and when recited, it is lovely to think of offering a garland of Roses to Our Lady.