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Church Goods

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Cambridge: (Banners apparel and linens)

Albs, surplices, altar linens, banners, chasubles, stoles, choir robes, confirmation and baptismal apparel, copes, humeral veils, dalmatics, paraments, pulpit robes

Stratford Chapel: (Altar ware and altar appointments)

Altar bells, bible and missal stands, candleholders, candlesticks, censors, chalices, ciboria, church altar ware, communion cups, communion ware, holy water pots and sprinklers, offering ware, pyxes and burses, sanctuary appointments

Robert Smith: (Church Furniture)

Acrylic furniture, tabernacles, wood furniture

Will and Baumer: (Candles)

Advent candles, altar candles, candle accessories, candle holders, candlelight ceremony, cemetery lights, chase candles, charcoal and incense, Children of the World candles, Christ candles, devotion lights, gleam lights, globes, Lumen Deo, Pascal candles, sacramental candles, sanctuary lights, votives and tealights, wedding candles

Basilica Church Statuary

"Made from an Italian artist's drawing our beautifully rendered line of European style church-sized statues are handcrafted and handpainted from start to finish. Each piece honors the natural beauty and character of the fabulous wood statues of old.

Artisans devotedly paint these perfectly shaped figures with vibrant oils, highlighting each stroke of the carver's blade. These exclusive statues will make an excellent addition to any church or chapel setting."

Val Gardena Church Statuary

"These exquisite church-size statues are crafted from the very finest European sculptures. Extraordinary care has been taken with every phase of the figures' development, from sculpting the delicate features of their faces and the intricacies of their attire, to the meticulously handpainting every subtle detail of color for shade, contrast and tone. The artisans' skill and attention to craftsmanship render each statue in the Val Gardena collection a true work of art, worthy to enhance the very finest church or chapel setting."