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Avalon Gallery

Avalon Gallery consists of various outstanding collections of religious statuary. Catholic-Collectibles is pleased to present the Avalon Collections and to provide their description of each unique collection: More...

Ave Maria Collection

The Ave Maria Collection celebrates Mary, the Mother of Jesus. From Jesus' birth to crucifixion, Mary's character illustrated devotion, mercy, compassion and deep love. The Ave Maria Collection expresses these sentiments in exquisitely sculptured figurines. Each inspired piece in the collection is artfully designed as a depiction of Mary's beauty and grace.

Sacred Devotions Collection

Inspired by Old-World European artisans Sacred Devotions statues are exquisitely crafted, hand-painted with vibrant colors and highlighted with gold accents. All patron garments are embossed with a fine brocade pattern to give them a unique look and rich texture. And as a finishing touch, every statue is elegantly set upon an ornamental base.

Bellavista Collection

These striking 6" figurines were inspired by the carving style and the color tones of the old masters of Northern Italy, where the crafting of sacred art and sculpture is a way of life. The beautiful faces, traditional colors and the marvelous attention to detail will capture the buyer's heart.

Figures of Faith Collection

Figures of Faith are artistic renderings of key moments and people from biblical times enhanced with scripture and prayer. Each sculpture is carefully detailed, reflecting superior quality demonstrated by only the finest artisans. Figures of Faith provide for a meaningful gift and testament of faith, and is the premier collection of inspirational figures available today.

Toscana Collection

Inspired by the muted color palette and glorious detail of the wood carved statues seen especially in southern Italy, this popular statue collection is a rare treat--beautiful, faithful renderings of the subjects, together with a price that simply cannot be beat in the marketplace. Each one is carefully packaged in a beautiful Avalon Gallery signature gift box.