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These exquisite carved Dolfi statues are made of wood and hand painted, each a work of art in its own right. The painters, skilled artisans from the Val Gardena region of Northern Italy, ensure that each color applied is of the correct shade to fully accent the individual piece. The perfectly carved religious wooden figures are painstakingly hand-painted and then carefully treated with transparent oil so that the wood's grain and character are preserved. Every figure, though made from a master model, thus acquires its own, fascinating character. Every statue carries the Dolfi commitment to quality, a lifetime guarantee that results in a spectacular piece that can be passed from generation to generation. More...

Religious wood figures are made as follows: First, several pencil-and-paper sketches are made. Various different models in putty (Plasticine) with a height of about 20 cm are made. Then the first Plasticine model with a height of 60 cm is developed. Later, a wooden model made of Stone Pine or Limewood is carved: On the basis of the original wood carving, a bronze model is now cast. This bronze model is then inserted into the wood-carving machine and serves as a template for manufacturing rough-milled wooden religious figures. In the case of larger religious figures, chiefly Limewood and Stone Pine are employed. In the case of smaller items, Maplewood, Ash, Acacia, and sometimes Stone Pine or other suitable types of wood (e.g. hardwoods) are preferred.

Catholic-Collectibles is pleased to offer the Dolfi brand, and we invite you to enjoy browsing these artistic masterpieces, and should you want a Dolfi of your own, know that you are buying the very best.

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