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Patron Saints

As Catholics we all strive to be saints (the word from the Latin sanctus means "holy"), and the Church has a tradition of venerating those holy persons who have lived lives of exemplary virtue and have already entered heaven. A patron saint is acknowledged and honored as the protecting or guiding saint of a person or place. We usually consider our patron saint to be the saint whose name we have been given or the one taken in Confirmation. We may wish to adopt as a special patron the saint on whose feast day we were born or a saint to whom we have a special devotion. More...

Catholics, in addition, may have a special devotion to the patron saint of their parish, their country and the countries of their ancestors. There are also patron saints for virtually every profession, special interest, need or affliction, and Catholics honor them and seek their powerful intercession with prayers and special devotions. Examples of popular patrons are St. Christopher, patron saint of travelers, St. Patrick, patron saint of Ireland, and St. Francis de Sales, patron saint of writers.

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The traditional practice of Catholics is to wear the patron saint medal on a chain around the neck. Just as we may carry an image of a loved one in our wallets, wearing a medal in this way, we are keeping the image of our special patron close to our hearts. Many medals are inscribed "Pray for Us", and so this is our prayer as we go about our days.

Click here for a list of patron saints and the occupations or areas in which each is a special patron.