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Will and Baumer Candles

Will & Baumer began over 150 years ago in the Syracuse backyard of a Bavarian immigrant by the name of Anton Will. Using his knowledge of candle manufacturing learned in old world Germany. More...

Will and his wife Rosina handcrafted high quality liturgical candles to meet a growing need as churches opened up and down the east coast of this brash new country.

Anton Will bought natural beeswax from the local farmers, personally inspecting every lot to insure only the finest quality for his candle products. "The Will Company" was incorporated in 1855 and in the next ten years prospered and grew, moving from the family home to a new factory site outside of Syracuse. Anton Will's untimely death in 1866 forced Rosina Will to run the business and even expand it while raising three young sons. In 1875, Rosina married Christian Eckerman, the owner of another new candle company in Syracuse that had ties to the Francis Baumer Candle Company, resulting in a family merger that became the new Will & Baumer.

The church candle business prospered in the early part of the twentieth century and after the Second World War, Will & Baumer sought relationships with church goods dealers who promoted the brand, quality, and spiritual significance of beeswax candles on the altar of sacrifice. These dealers became knowledgeable with the Will & Baumer products and offered candle product locally which made it easier for the church to purchase their candle needs.

From its founding until 1972, ownership of Will & Baumer remained within the Will, Baumer and Eckerman families. Anton and Rosina's sons, Louis, Anthony, and Albert built a strong company that was able to navigate successfully throughout the turmoil of the 20th century. Today, Jeffrey Fields, the present brand manager of Will & Baumer, is leading the brand to new challenges and opportunities. Mindful of the past and excited about the future, Jeff is certain that Will & Baumer can meet the needs of today's churches.