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The Holy Bible, is the world's best-selling and most widely distributed book with an estimated 6 billion copies in print. Johann Gutenberg invented the printing press in the 1456, and a Latin language Bible was the first book ever printed. Without a doubt, the most important book ever written, it has been translated into every known existing language, and the Catholic Church has been translating scripture into the vernacular languages since the eighth century. More...

The Catholic Church reveres Sacred Scripture (the Bible) as one of two pillars of faith, (the other being Sacred Tradition). In the Catechism of the Catholic Church we read, "In the sacred books, the Father who is in heaven comes lovingly to meet his children, and talks with them."

Catholics Bibles are offered in various translations, including the Revised Standard Version Catholic Edition (RSV-CE), the New American Bible (NAB), the Navarre, and the Douay-Rheims, an early translation from the Latin Vulgate into English.

The Holy Bible makes a wonderful gift for any occasion, Christmas, birthdays, a wedding or anniversary, First Holy Communion, or Confirmation. Bibles are available in many colors, sizes and styles.

Whether you give your Holy Bible a place of honor on your bookshelf or surrounded by flowers and sacred images in a special place in your home, be it your bedside book or one you carry in your pocket or purse, through the Holy Bible, "the Lord will give you understanding in everything."

As individuals discover and ponder the Word of God, the Holy Bible continues to transform lives one at a time, as it has transformed the world.

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