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Traditionally, there is a birthstone associated with each month of the year. For example, the birthstone for May is emerald, and April babies can claim the diamond as their birthstone. The current list dates back to 1912 with only one addition, the tanzanite being added to December.More...

There are numerous legends and myths about birthstone, and according to the American Gem Society, the origin of birthstones is believed to date back to the breastplate of Aaron which contained twelve gemstones representing the twelve tribes of Israel. There is a fascinating history for each month's birthstone. For example:

Garnet, the birthstone for January, signifies eternal friendship and trust and is the perfect gift for a friend. Garnet, derived from the word granatum, means seed, and is called so because of the gemstone's resemblance to a pomegranate seed. References to the gemstone dates back to 3100 B.C., when the Egyptians used garnets as inlay jewelry. (American Gem Society)

Catholic-Collectibles offers many beautiful items that would make excellent birthday gifts, and a birthstone rosary, medal or cross would make a very thoughtful, individualized birthday present. For the Catholic collector, a nice idea is to collect rosaries in the birthstones for each month of the year. In this way, we offer to the Virgin Mary spiritual roses in the variety of beautiful colors of the gemstones God has given to us.