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Precious Moments

Catholic-Collectibles is pleased to present, as part of the Heartfelt Collection, Precious Moments Classics.

Precious Moments was created by illustrator, Sam Butch, whose original artwork was rendered into porcelain figurines and other collectibles. The series depicts wide-eyed young children in charming settings, and often accompanied by a heartwarming message. When Precious Moments teamed with Lea Metts of Heartfelt to create the Precious Moments Classics Collection, the result was even more precious.More...

Lea Metts, who began the Heartfelt Company with her husband, has been creating products that offer "words to lift the heart". In her words: "The power of a heartfelt word can encourage, empower, uplift, bring hope and bind the wounds of a hurting world.":

The first collection, called Precious Moments Classics, has 24 inspirational pieces and 24 general sentiment pieces. "The sentiments were designed to touch the lives of those we care about and to share as a keepsake, the words that express our heart."

The next collection, called Precious Moments Mini Classics has 12 Scripture verses and 12 general sentiments.

The last collection, called Precious Moments Holy Celebrations features verses written for, First Communion, Confirmation, Baptism and Baby Dedication.

You will also find framed inspirational pieces for many other special occasions such as weddings and anniversaries.

We hope you will browse this category and find the gift of just the right words that someone you know would love to hear.