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As we travel in our cars, we can take with us the symbols of our faith. Catholic-Collectibles offers automobile rosaries (a decade of the rosary in a variety of beads and stones) to hang from the rear view mirror, statues of Jesus, Mary, the angels and saints to display on the dashboard, and a variety of Catholic-themed visor clips. More...

Some popular automobile items include visor clips personalized for a mother, father, son or daughter, engraved with a message to drive safely or to ask that we be kept safe in our travels. Some popular choices are automobile items of St. Christopher, the Patron Saint of Travelers, and Guardian Angel items.

A Catholic automobile accessory would be an excellent gift to give to a son or daughter who is just learning to drive or to the veteran driver, who perhaps has just bought a car, and anyone who is in the driver's seat! And, of course, you might want to give yourself a little gift that will remain in your vehicle like a silent prayer asking for heavenly protection as you drive from place to place day by day.