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It is a long-standing tradition and a popular form of piety for Catholics to wear around the neck a crucifix or cross pendant, or perhaps a medal of Our Lady (such as the Miraculous Medal) or a patron saint. We may call such articles "jewelry" but these holy images and symbols are much more than objects of adornment as they are set apart as holy articles of devotion. Religious jewelry can be worn as a reminder of God's providence and can be a source of great consolation, a plea for protection and a source of many graces. More...

Catholic-Collectibles offers a huge variety of gold and silver crosses, crucifixes, miraculous medals, patron saint medals, rings, bracelets, earrings, sports medals and more. Our Bliss line of crucifixes, crosses and medals consists of over 6,000 choices! You will find bold pieces that will be sure to be noticed, and perhaps inspire those whose paths you cross, as well as more delicate and subtle expressions of faith.

A piece of Catholic jewelry will make a tasteful and meaningful gift for any special occasion, and one for which you will always be remembered each time your gift is worn.