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First Communion - Reconciliation

First Holy Communion marks the receiving of the Sacrament of the Holy Eucharist for the first time. Children traditionally receive First Communion around the age of seven after having first received the Sacrament of Penance. Seven is considered the age of reason when a child generally is old enough to begin to understand that the Eucharist is the real Body and Blood of Christ, and not just a symbol. As the Holy Eucharist is the most central and important sacrament, the day of First Holy Communion, like Baptism, is one of great celebration with family and friends. For this special day, girls traditionally wear white dressy dresses and veils that make them resemble little brides, and boys don handsome new suits and ties. More...

There are many beautiful gifts you can give to a child receiving First Holy Communion. Catholic-Collectibles offers First Communion gift sets, often containing a prayer book, rosary and scapular in a version for a girl or a boy. Other excellent First Communion gifts include rosaries, crosses, crucifixes, medals, prayer books, and Bibles, gifts that will inspire the love of the Holy Eucharist well into the future.

In years to come, a treasured piece of jewelry or a special religious book, will evoke a memory, once again, of that happy and holy day and the gift that came from you.