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Holy Icons

"We are led by perceptible Icons to the contemplation of the divine and spiritual." - St. John of Damascus

An icon (from the Greek word meaning "image") is a depiction of a holy person or scene having its origin in Orthodox Christianity, the religion of the Byzantine Empire prevalent in Greece and Russia. Icons are customary in Eastern Orthodox as well as Eastern Catholic Churches. To the Western eye accustomed to three-dimensional images, icons open a whole new world. Icons are often called "windows to heaven" as they provide a glimpse of what awaits us in eternal happiness. More...

While Roman Catholics are probably familiar with the beloved icon of Our Lady of Perpetual Help, more and more Catholic Churches and Roman Catholics are becoming interested in this holy art, and you will find Eastern icons displayed in many Roman Catholic Churches and in the homes of devout Catholics.

According to The Second Council of Nicaea (787 AD), unanimously recognized by both the West and East, Orthodox, and Catholics, "the veneration of sacred images is based on the mystery of the Incarnation of the Word of God" and an icon "brings you to the person portrayed".

Catholic-Collectibles is pleased to offer to you directly from Greece and Russia, magnificent liturgical goods in the Byzantine tradition, and the finest icons of Christ, the Blessed Virgin Mary (Theotokos), the angels and saints.

Can you think of a more heavenly gift?