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Bird Colibri Reversible Porcelain Hand Painted Egg With Gold Highlights & Sterling Silver Bail. NEW!
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including bail 1" image shows both sides of the egg pendant MINIATURE PORCELIAN EGG COLLECTION!   HAND MADE AND PAINTED IN RUSSIA   The “egg” as the universal of new life and rebirth took many forms in Russia.   Porcelain, called “white gold,” was highly prized in Imperial Russia.  Russia was one of the first European countries to discover the formulae for making porcelain.    While many people know the tradition of miniature silver and enamel eggs as created by the famous firms of old St Petersburg.  Most do not know that Russian women before that time would wear eggs made out of wood or porcelain.   The eggs in our collection capture many of the Old Testament symbols of a good life – of a new life.   These are unique – these are not mass produced – they represent an old and vanishing art form.    Because these are made of porcelain care should be used in the handling and wearing of these pieces.