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Matching Icon Set Wedding Gift Gold Embossed Icons NEW 10 1/2"x8 1/4"
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Matching icons of Christ the Teacher and the Virgin of Vladimir.  Matching icons in the Russian tradition are referred to as "wedding icons" when given to the bride and groom.   Christ the Teacher is pictured with an open Gospel book.  The is the Virgin of Vladimir, whose prototype is ascribed to St Luke the Evangelist, tenderly shows the Virgin embrassing the Christ Child.  Beautifully executed in gold foil these icons have the feel of original antique icons with rizas and old Russian shaded enamel. Rizas were metal covers embellished icons in old Byzantium and in Russia from the 14th century.  The enamel work has its origin in old Constantinople and was developed in old Russia.  These icons are decorated in traditional Slavic colors of white, red turquoise. Wedding icons are a wonderful Christian tradition given as a gift for the bride and groom.  In the Russian tradition the icons are kept in the alter 40 days before the wedding.  These icons are used in the wedding ceremony and then placed in the couple's icon icon conner.  To this same icon corner will be added icons of their children's patron saints.