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Paskha Cheese Mold "Pasochnitsa"
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For Eastern Christians, Pascha (Easter) is the Feast of Feasts and the most celebrated Christian holiday. Traditionally, for this day, Russian Christians prepare a wonderful classic dish called "Sirnaja Pashka" -made with eggs and dairy products.  These ingredients are the foods the faithful abstained from during the Great Fast before Pascha.  The ingredients are placed into a specially made "pasochnitsa," a mold consisting of four planks joined into a trapezoidal shape and dressed with a Cross and carved patterns.  This contemporay plastic mold is from Russia.  There are as many receipes for Sirnaja Pashka as there are chefs.  The receipe included with the mold is from an old St Petersburg family.  Tall: 5 1/4"  Width: 6"