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9" Polar Brand
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Dimension : 1-1/2 x 9"
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For years Will & Baumer® has made our Polar Brand® altar candles from animal fat tallow which has been a great alternative to the more expensive beeswax candles and yet better quality than the crude oil by-product paraffin wax. In the last several years Will & Baumer® has been refining and perfecting our very own palm oil candle which is the key ingredient in our Polar Brand� altar candles.

Palm oil wax is an all-natural, renewable resource that is obtained from the oil palm which is grown in many parts of the world. Due to its environmentally-friendly attributes, palm wax offers a whole new choice for churches who insist on a sustainable or renewable resource-based candle wax. The oil palm produces fruit in bunches which are harvested, and sent to palm oil mills where the oils are extracted, sterilized, clarified and purified into crude palm oil. The crude oil is then sent to palm oil refineries where it is processed further into products such as cocoa butter substitutes, soaps, and of course our Polar Brand® altar candles.

Palm oil does not need to be refined, only carbon filtered. Like olive, it is "virgin" oil, in the sense that it is extracted by simply squeezing the palm fruit. Since the product is natural we avoid using elements that contain any potentially harmful petrochemicals.

Palm wax is a superb material for making excellent burning candles. It resists melting in hot summer months and can be easily manipulated to produce straight side glossy finish altar candles.

Using palm wax is very similar to traditional candle making techniques except there are no additives required.

The crystal formations can be achieved by the pouring temperature and rate of cooling. By adjusting these variables slightly, Will & Baumer® can create a wonderful array of crystal formations that result in a smooth durable finish altar candle.

Our beautiful lines of Polar Brand® candles are ideal for wedding candelabras and religious services in both Catholic and Protestant worship and offer a price point alternative to beeswax altar candles.

1 1/2" X 9"

Carton of 12