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Enameled Sterling Silver 925 Gold 22kt Plated Cross Locket Relic NEW! 2"x 1 1/16"
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Enamel Reliquary “Face of Christ” Cross. Reversible RUSSIAN ENAMEL WORK. When Russia accepted Christianity from the Church of Constantinople, it also adopted the art forms of the Byzantine Empire. Constantinople was renowned enamel jewelry. The artisans of Kiev in ancient Rus as the well famous jewelers of St Petersburg developed enamel coloration and designs of which this cross is a classic design. RELIQUARY CROSS. A reliquary cross opens at the bottom and is hallow so the faithful can put a relic of a saint into it. A relic of a saint can be a sliver of bone or a piece of clothing used by the saint. Such crosses for relics were devotional objects used by Russian Orthodox Christians in Imperial Russia. FRONT. TOP At the top is the Slavonic word forÂ…. ABOVE AND AROUND THE MEDALLION. Greek letters for “IC XC – NI KA” meaning “Jesus Christ Conquers.” MEDALLION with an Icon of the face of Christ known in the East as “Made Without Hands.” By tradition King Agbar of Edessa asked Christ to come and heal him; instead Christ wiped his face on a towel and sent it to the king who was immediately healed. The king and people later came to believe in Christ. In the West this representation is known as “VeronicaÂ’s Veil (by tradition on his way to Calvary Christ was greeted by some woman during which Veronica offered Christ a towel on which he wiped his face and on which his divine facial image was left.” EACH CORNER OF THE CROSS. A Byzantine cross is on each corner of the cross. VERSO. size: 2"x1 1/16" first image shows both sides of this beautiful cross