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Book Marker Image of Christ Made Without Hands Hand Made in Russia! NEW
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  Prayerfully created by a woman’s Monastery in Central Russia, this beautiful Gospel Book Marker enhances the Liturgy.  Marking the Gospel lesson of the day, the marker drapes over the front of the Holy Table (Altar) when the Gospel is on the Altar.  When the Gospel is held high in procession or in blessing it attests to the importance of the Word of God.     The Icon “Made Without Hands” is considered to be the “first” icon.  In the East it is the image Christ sent on a towel to King Abgar of Edessa.  In the West is known as Veronica’s Veil the veil on which Christ dried his face on the way to Calvery.  This icon is appropriate for Lent and Christ’s Feast days.   GOLD The embroidered icon is on a field of gold and is appropriate for Sundays, Feasts of Christ and other festive holidays.   size of the bookmarker: length 60" width: 5 1/2"