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Sterling SIlver 925 22kt Gold Plated Cross, This Cross will help with mind education to all who aspires to new knowledge
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Sacred, represented on this cross worn on the neck, will help with mind education to all who aspires to new knowledge.  On face sheet, near to a high eight-final cross, brothers Cyril and Mefody, orthodox preachers, founders of the slavic alphabet. Sacred brothers not only have created the alphabet, they became ancestors of the spiritual and scientific literature in slavic language. They had been translated with Greek the basic prayer books, the first literary works are created. By St. Cyril have been written the first poetic ("Provoice") and the first is religious-philosophical («the Writing about the right belief») books in slavic language. St. Mefody has created the most ancient monument of the slavic right – «the Law judgement to people». On the back of a cross on the center the icon of Bozhiej of Mother of "Skoroposlushnitsa" is placed. The name of this image says that the Virgin «fast everything, притекающим to It, shows favor and execution of applications». On an icon of Bozhija Mater it is represented with the proerased right hand it is underlined the big sizes, as if submitted help symbolizing generosity It. At the left and on the right sacred Sergy Radonezhsky and John Kronshtadtsky are coming It. In these lives sacred there is one similar story: it in the childhood difficultly gave study. And both after hot prayers to the Lord have wonderfully received great abilities to sciences and became spiritual educators of the world. In the bottom part of a cross the St. Matron Moscow is represented. The rural cripple has received such great knowledge from the Lord that often surprised with them many formed people addressing to her. Blind corporally, it and now learns to spiritual sight. Not having possibility to go, learns to go on a difficult way of rescue. Above the cross dawns upon Angel Hranitel's wings. Its image is placed above other sacred. size: 1 1/4"x3/4"