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(Filigree) Cross, with Enamel (Finift) Crucifixion 2"x1 1/4"
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AVAILABLE ONLY ASSORTED COLORS Hand Made Malikior Finift Cross           The icon in this Cross is hand painted in the “finift” technique which is described below.  The metal Cross is handmade of malikior  or Russian silver which is 888.  Work of this nature originates from Mystora.          “Finift” icons and jewelry are hand painted in the Rostov on the Don (a few hours from Moscow).  The techniques used to create these wonderful little miniatures were developed in the second half of the 17th The Russian word for enamel "finift" comes from the Greek "fingitis", which means "bright, shining stone." Enamel is a special type of applied art, in which the main material used is a glassy substance colored with the oxides of various metals. Thus, gold fused with glass produces a ruby color, cobalt a dark blue and copper green. To solve specific artistic tasks enamel, unlike glass, can be muffled. Painting on enamel is fired in a muffle stove, or kiln, at a temperature of about 800 C degrees. The enamel base melts; the paint sinks into it and, on cooling, is firmly fused with the base. To make it more long-lasting and enhance the decorative effect, the painting on the enamel is covered, also by firing, with transparent, fusible glass.