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The Virgin of Extreme Humility
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The Virgin of Extreme Humility. The depiction is of the Theotokos (Mother of God) with her hand crossed across her breast. This icon is referred to as (Mary’s) Extreme Humility in accepting, at the Annunciation, to becoming the Mother of God. This icon is sometimes referred to as a version of the Mother of Sorrows at seeing her Son crucified. This is one of the most beloved icons of all Russia, Greece and Italy. St Seraphim of Sarov, one of the holiest men in Russia, prayed constantly while knelling on a cement slab before this icon. St Sergius is known for his spirituality; the cornerstone of which is to accept the “”will of God” in all things in life.  The verso contains the prayer “It is truly meet to bless you O Theotokos.” size: 1 1/8"x5/8" on the back side of this pendant is the prayer.