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ST MICHAEL’S WARRIER CROSS The front- at the top is the Holy Spirit in the form of a “dove” below which is “The Judgment Seat of Christ” at the end of the world.  At the top of the Cross is IC XC – the first letters for the Greek words for Jesus Christ and NI KA – which means “conquers.”   Along the side of the Cross are the spear and sponge of the Crucifixion.  The Cross is set on a stylized representation of Jerusalem.  On the end of either are the warrior Saints George and Demetrious.  The figure on the lower portion of the Cross is St Pontelimon the Physician Healer. On the verso is the icon of Christ called “Made Without Hands.  St Michael is presented in the center of the Cross as well as Russian Warrior Saints Alexander Nevesky and Prince Dmitri Donskoi. 1 1/2"x1" Siver 925, Gilding 999