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Altar Brand
Item # : 32412P
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Dimension : 7/8" X 12"
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Premium Candle Crafting Since 1855

Altar Brand® 51% paraffin wax candles perform with consistency and beauty you can trust.

For over 155 years, attention to detail, handcrafted American workmanship, and the use of superior quality materials has guaranteed Will & Baumer's place as the leader in the church candle industry. We proudly off our Altar Brand 51% Beeswax candles, made from Beeswax, one of nature's renewable resources. These candles are perfect for use throughout the Advent and Lenten seasons. Altar Brand 51% Beeswax candles perform with consistency and beauty you can trust.

Note: Description (e.g. Short 1) indicates the number of candles per pound.

Altar candles are candles set on or near altars for religious ceremonies.

For safety, altar candles are secured in some type of simple or elaborate candleholder. To prevent wax from dripping, candles are often topped by a candle follower, a short tube made of brass, glass, or other non-flammable material.

-- 51% Paraffin Wax -- 7/8" X 8" --

Box of 24


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