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No 2 Alleluia Paschal Candle 1 1/2" X 33"


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The Hallmark of Paschal Candles for Over 155 Years

The Paschal Candle tradition has its origins in early church and it is believed that St. Ambrose made this candle prominent during the Easter season late in the third century. The term "Paschal" comes from the word Pesach, which in Hebrew means Passover. The flame of the Paschal candle symbolizes Christ's illuminating light, and His presence in the midst of his people.

Every Will & Baumer Paschal Candle is made of 51% beeswax and hand tooled to ensure a blemish-free finish. Experienced artisans craft the ornamentation on each candle through hand-carving, wax-inlay and four color appliqués. The Radiant Light Paschal Candles featured on this page are handcrafted with our very own Will & Baumer color appliqués and applied by hand after the candle has been formed and finished. Incensed Paschal Nails come with all Paschal Candles.

Alleluia: Comes from the Hebrew Hallelujah (Praise the Lord). This ancient acclamation of jubilation is a joyful response or chant often used at festival times. More...

The Paschal Candle is the symbol of Christ Jesus, our risen Savior, the Light of the world. Christ is also symbolized as the Paschal Lamb of the New Covenant.

Paschal Candles symbolize Christ rising in glory, conquering death and darkness. A Paschal Candle consists of 51% beeswax and is adorned with the symbol of a cross, an alpha and omega, and with the date of the year presented.

Each candle also has five grains of incense inserted on the cross representing the five wounds of Jesus. The Alpha (first letter of the Greek alphabet) is typically placed above the cross representing Christ as the "beginning" and the Omega (last letter of the Greek alphabet) is placed below the cross representing Christ as the "end", thus symbolizing His divinity as well.

The date of year is usually placed on either side of the cross or below it. Paschal Candles may also feature colors and design components that are symbolic of Christ, God the Father, and the Holy Spirit, and/or are suited to the liturgy of Easter.

-- 51% Beeswax -- 1 1/2" X 33" --