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Dormition (Assumption) of the Virgin
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Dormition (Assumption) of the Virgin Mary Feastday icon. This icon is known by several names: The Dormition - Falling Asleep of the Mother of God - Assumption. By tradition when the Virgin realized her her death was near she expressed a desire to see the Apostles one last time. Miracously the all of the Apsotles except Thomas were assembled around her at her death. At her death, Christ received her "soul" which is represented in the icon by the "baby" in his arms. The Virgin was burried in Jerusalem and when Thomas arrived a week later, he asked to see her one last time. When the tomb was opened, it was empty and filled with flowers. The Virgin was assumed into heaven. The Russian church has the tradition of blessing flowers on this Feast which is celebrated on August 15th on the Gregorian calendar and August 28th on the Julian calendar.