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St. Joseph Home Seller

There is an old custom that praying to St. Joseph to help sell your home, and burying a statue of the saint, will help you meet with success.

The burying of a statue of St. Joseph is often attributed to Saint Teresa of Avila, who invoked St. Joseph’s intercession in order to acquire land for new convents. Saint Teresa encouraged her companions to bury their St. Joseph medals as a symbol of devotion. Over time, instead of burying medals, people started burying statues..More...

It is important that we not use such statues, medals or practices in a superstitious way, thinking it is a "good luck" charm or that there is any power in the practice of burying a statue.

This is a nice 5" statue that you might want to use as an inspiration for prayer, to ask St. Joseph, Patron of a Happy Home, to intercede for you, to help you sell your home. No need to bury it!

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